• Control Page Access
    Based on 10+ Parameters

  • Fast Detection & Redirects

10+ Parameters Detection

 Undetectable Code

 Fastest Redirects

Page Anti-Theft Protection

Easy CMS Integration

1-line Integration Code

Powerful & Simple Rules Management
Control access to your pages based on 10+ parameters. Hide your pages from unwanted visitors without increasing traffic bleed rate. Don't forget to set Block Non-Unique Visits and Block Bots/Crawlers options if you need to block them (up-to-date database of all known bots included - Google, Facebook, Yandex, etc).

Page Structure is made for easy control over multiple pages or even whole domains. Just use part of URL as Page URL. For example Page created with URL /folder1/ will involve all of your pages located in /folder1/ folder. Page with URL domain1.com will involve all pages located in domain1.com. It could be useful for protection of CMS like Wordpress, Joomla and others.
Detailed Reports & Charts
Review clicks report to see suspicious and blocked visits. You can see all detected information about each visit: OS, ISP, Country, Device/Device Type, Language, Browser, User Agent. Also you can use Filter and Search Features to see in-depth data.
Anti-Theft Protection
If someone, for example, your competitor will decide to scrape/copy your Landing Page, you will see it immediately and you will have full access to traffic going through this page. It means you can redirect all his traffic to your link or you can set rules to allow redirects just for some part of traffic to avoid suspicion.
URL Dynamic Parameters Passing
You can pass custom parameters and preset tokens through page. It can be useful to pass click SubID, creative id or some another data to your outgoing link. To pass parameter just add {some_parameter_name} or any of preset tokens in your link and it will be automatically replaced with corresponding value.
Simple installation
Server Requirements:
PHP 5.3+
IonCube Loader

If you are using custom PHP build make sure it has PDO Extension.
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